We Want Unique

I know many of you will relate to the topic from today’s article. As a consumer I find my self distracted by many things when I’m out to make a purchase. Naturally many purchases require me to interact with the business that’s between me and the product I want to buy. It’s as simple as that. So I’d like to share an article from Moxy Ox that serves as a great reminder of how keeping consumers happy can be a very delicate balance: “Crafting the Brand Experience” Enjoy!

What you promise influences the experience

Today I’d like to talk about an aspect of the user experience many of us don’t think about or aren’t typically asked to think about outside of our technical or design rolls. That aspect is simply what I call the “what you say” part of a website. Some would call it the “call to action”. Now don’t stop reading just yet! I know that you “tech-types” might be thinking “Oh boy. More ‘marketing speak’ I don’t have any need of knowing!” Believe me. This is good information for anyone from an author I’ve been following for a while. His name is Seth Godin and the article I’m referring to is “Big promises can lead to better experiences“. Like much of what Seth writes, it’s straightforward, practical and a good quick read you’ll walk away from feeling smarter and better equipped. In his article Seth reminds us that “Human beings have better experiences when they expect to have a better experience.” He’s referring to the expectations we create from the promises we make to our customers. Being brave and making big promises (not little, not great – just big ones you can keep) makes for big expectations that turn into good experiences.